Wayne Thorp


Wayne is the Owner, Director and Engineer for TLS Locksmiths.


With a passion for finding out how things work, Wayne quickly found his way into engineering straight from school.  After a couple of years as an apprentice for an engineering and machining firm, he moved on to work for Timpson, a leading key cutting company where he discovered that he not only enjoyed making and fixing things but also the satisfaction of customer service.

After 5 years of working in various branches and learning all of the different services, Wayne felt he had more to give and moved over to Timpson Locksmiths.  This is where he quickly felt he had found his calling, discovering how different locks work, coming across new challenges every day and often helping people who find themselves in sticky situations.

Wayne has 5 years’ experience in gaining access to various locks and safes, installing and programming a wide variety of access control systems and has even been known to create keys from scratch for extremely old locks that are no longer being manufactured such as an old piano lock.

In late 2018, Wayne felt it was time for another change and decided to take the plunge into starting up on his own, utilising all of the knowledge and skills he had gained from 10 years with his previous employer and taking the opportunity to be one of the only Locksmiths in the Sittingbourne area.

TLS (Thorp Locksmith Services) Ltd was established in April 2019 by Wayne, alongside his wife, and they both hope it will continue to bring amazing service to the Kent area for many years to come.